12th Annual Life is Living Festival


Live Dance, Music and Theater Performances | Art Installations “Diamond and Bullets” Community Altar | Yak Films Dance Battle People’s Kitchen Collective + Food Justice Zone | Kid’s Zone & Youth Activities Beauty Zone | The Crucible’s Makers Zone & More “An important part of the city’s fabric…” - KQED Arts How can we find ways to celebrate and sustain life in Oakland for it’s artists, dreamers, families and our next generation of leaders? For twelve years the Life is Living has thoughtfully responded to this question with an admission free, annual festival held in West Oakland’s deFermery Park aka Little Bobby Hutton Park that is a not-to-be-missed celebration of creative expression, public art & art making, environmental action and intergenerational wellness. The Life is Living Festival is an eco-equity, interdisciplinary event that centers neighborhoods and communities that are historically underserved, produced in public spaces that have been otherwise neglected. It is from this space and intention that Life is Living becomes a catalyst for larger discussions; environmental racism, social ecology and social responsibility in an era of tremendous change (climate and otherwise). The result is an intergenerational kaleidoscope of life in Oakland; an acclaimed celebration of resistance, love and the art that brings us together. In 2019, Life is Living boasts a myriad of activities and offerings including CalShakes & Youth Speaks Theater Stage, “Diamond & Bullets” Community Altar, a Basketball Tournament hosted by Mandela Grocery, “Reflections of Healing” by Brett Cook, The Crucible’s Makers Zone, Dark Star Universe/Black ComicCon, Beauty Zone, Emily Butterfly’s Kid’s Zone, K-Dub’s Town Park, Food Justice Stage, Destiny Arts Stage, Yak Dance Battle, a main stage presentation by Oakhella & Youth Speaks, a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Black Panthers Free Breakfast Program with People’s Kitchen Collective, The Migrant Storytelling Project by The Center for Culture and Power, and much, much more.

Sat October 12, 2019 10:00 am To Sat - October 12, 2019
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deFremery Park

1651 Adeline Street
Oakland, California 94651
United States