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Fool La La: Shelter in Play


Staying in has never been so much fun—with Unique Derique's hijinks, fun and cheer for all ages! Happy 2021! It may be a new year, but the world isn't quite ready for us all to go back to normal just yet—we're still staying home and spending a lot of time in front of the computer screen and in the online world. The worldwide pandemic of the past year that has kept us from our friends and loved ones, made us wear masks, and take to our computers for virtual learning, work, and connection isn't gone yet. We are past the holidays, but we still have to stay home, and that's no fun! Unique Derique is stuck at home, too, so the Clown Prince of Fools is continuing his online show on Saturdays in January, combining virtual comedy with classic humor, juggling, hambone, and playfulness in Fool La La: Shelter in Play— an online rollicking romp for all ages that’ll have you remembering that friends are only a click away even when we can’t be together! Zoom along with Unique Derique for merriment amidst the virtual mishaps and mayhem that we all experience together. After the show, keep the virtual celebration going with a free hambone and juggling workshop for all ages. Learn to find your own rhythm! NOTE: Although this event is online via Zoom, please note that strobe lights are used in the latter portion of the show if you have sensitivity to lights. Fool La La: Shelter in Play runs approximately 40 minutes. After the show, you're invited to join Unique Derique for a free post-show 20-minute hambone and juggling workshop!


Every Saturday
11:00 am - 12:00 pm To Sat - January 30, 2021
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