Marvel Avengers Camp: June 15-19,2020


Join us for this fun camp where we will create a Marvel Theme Show! Campers work together to develop their own storyline and then put together a full show with acting, music, movement, costumes, props and sets. Camp ends with a performance of the original show!

Black Panther! We love him so much that we had a whole camp dedicated to him! Then there is Captain Marvel–girl power! Black Widow is getting her own movie! We are mega Marvel’s fans and there are too many great characters to name. The kids get to pick which Avenger they want to be and then we make up a story with the characters.Sometimes we stage scenes with lines directly from the screenplay. Other times, we just make it up on our own. Last year we had an original plot where Loki stole the vibranium from Wakanda and Black Panther had to call in the Avengers to help defeat him. Who knows what the story will be this year. So many possibilities!

NOTE: Program is from 9 am - 4 pm with extended drop off and pickup times on both ends.


6013 Lawton Ave
Oakland, California 94618
United States


  • Creative Process
  • Team building

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