Learn Debate Skills with Debate Camp's New Online Learning Resource

DEBATE CAMP's New Online Learning Resource

Debate Camp Online provides students with a welcome zone in which to learn and develop skills in parliamentary debate. It seems to come as a relief in these times, particularly for parents looking for engaging instructional experience for 10 - 14-year-olds, who are just as keen on developing their talents in this time. In a highly-structured, 1:4 (teacher to learner) format, Debate Camp offers a multi-level program that teaches the highly-valued skills of critical thought, persuasion, analysis and speaking confidence. Twice weekly, 90 minute sessions (over a 3 week / 6 lesson plan) ensure your talkative pre-teen engages with other little thinkers from around North America. 

Early reviews of this program (in the now-crowded world of online education) have been good: “My son has reviewed the practice debates each morning as soon as he gets up and then asks how long until his Debate Camp session”. Parents seem endlessly grateful for having some of North America’s best university-level debaters engaging with their kids in a 90 minute session. “The feedback they provide my daughter with is outstanding”. Not to mention, each class starts with interactive games and activities meant to keep the learning fun. Don’t be surprised if your aspiring debater comes to you with a few questions about our wider world (even in these times) as they prepare to scavenger-hunt some facts and opinions between sessions. “Debate Camp Online exceeds expectations”.

It’s not hard to level your aspiring debater, as you assess the program. For the true beginner and / or grades 4 – 7, feel free to try the Open Level for a welcoming experience for the first-time debater. For the camper with some debate experience and / or a lot of “built-in confidence” in the area (you know this kid…) and / or grades 8+, feel free to try the Plus Level, for introductory debate with some added challenge and slightly more advanced topics. For the experienced debater, with competitive background already - - keep them engaged in their craft with the Level Up Level. Full details on how to register successfully are available on: https://www.debatecamp.com/online

Although it's much-debated right now; was it Winston Churchill or former White House Chief of Staff Rham Emmanuel who first said: "never let a good crisis go to waste"? For those parents looking for engaging instructional experience for 10 - 14-year-olds, who are just as keen on developing their talents in this time, Debate Camp indeed has an answer in these times.

Debate Camp also offers Latin Camp as an online learning resource. 

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