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SIL Presents Living Meditation: Bringing Calm and Clarity to Students & Parents in the New Year


Living Meditation: Bringing Calm and Clarity to Students & Parents in the New Year with Vivekadevi Noh-Kuhn Tuesday, January 26, 7:00 pm School for Independent Learners, Los Altos RSVP at School for Independent Learners (SIL) presents a new talk this month to help students and parents achieve calmness, mental clarity, and balance in the new year. Vivekadevi Noh-Kuhn, a local yoga expert and meditation teacher, will speak to the SIL community about how breath and body awareness along with meditation can help bring a sense of calm as we continue remote learning and working. She will teach simple tools that can be applied to your everyday life to alleviate stress and bring joy. About the speaker: Vivekadevi Noh-Kuhn is a certified Ananda Yoga and Meditation teacher with many years’ experience leading classes, workshops and personal retreats. She is Director of Ananda Palo Alto Yoga Studio and the Co-Director of Ananda’s Bay Area School of Yoga and Meditation. About the school: School for Independent Learners (SIL) in Los Altos is a nurturing, private high school for Grades 8-12 featuring 1:1 and small group classes. We are WASC-accredited and offer a full host of Honors and Advanced Placement courses.

Tue January 26, 2021 07:00 pm To Tue - January 26, 2021
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