Lydian Academy

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815 El Camino Real, Menlo Park, California 94025, United States
Lydian Academy
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Lydian Academy

815 El Camino Real, Menlo Park, California 94025, United States


Lydian Academy is unique and unrivaled in 1:1 education. We offer a rigorous middle school and high school curriculum personalized to every student with year-round enrollment. We also offer after school classes for credit and high caliber tutoring.

Lydian Academy is an independent private 1:1 middle and high school with year-round enrollment. All classes have only one teacher and one student, YOU. Lydian Academy provides a warm and welcoming community. Synchronous online learning is available as well as on-campus classes for full-time, after school classes for credit, or tutoring.

Lydian Academy can serve ANY student. Our students have a variety of needs and goals. Our students may be gifted, 2E, need a specialized schedule for pursuing an outside athletic or performance goal, or for personal reasons. Our students may have learning differences and need extra time to learn, or is a student for which a traditional school is not a good fit. Lydian Academy is experienced in personalizing education for YOU, your schedule, and your strengths while helping to bolster the skills needed for success. 

Our unique summer program allows students to earn a year of credit in 4-8 weeks, helping with remediation of a D or F grade or to boost a transcript for college applications. 

All Lydian Academy courses are high-quality WASC accredited and accepted by the NCAA for transfer to public and private universities and colleges. We offer AP College Board accredited courses and college preparatory A-G courses for students wanting to attend a California state school after graduation.

Our teachers are experts in the fields they teach and hired for their knowledge and desire to pass along that knowledge to their students. They choose to teach at Lydian for a variety of reasons the most important being they want to spark a love for their subject in their students.

Lydian Academy offers full-time students access to other students during the school day as well as after school in clubs and get-togethers. They are encouraged to take on leadership roles in the Site Council or in clubs.

It is never too late to enroll at Lydian Academy! We are here to support students and strive to provide them a strong foundation for their lifetime.


1:1 classes
Full-time, After School for credit, tutoring
WASC accredited
Synchronous online learning available
Year-round enrollment
Personalized education programs
The accelerated summer program offers a year-long course for credit in 4-8 weeks and a semester in 2-4 weeks.


Year Established 2006
Number of Students 80
Student Teacher Ratio 1:1
Average Class Size 1:1
Annual Tuition Price Range $36,000-$47,000 Annually


815 El Camino Real, Menlo Park, California 94025, United States