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The Making Math Real Institute’s Mission:

To prepare all educators, including parents and homeschool parents, tutors, learning specialists, and teachers to provide comprehensive, structured numeracy development to ensure students of all ages receive the highest quality math education they need and deserve.

Since 1996, Making Math Real, through its 12 Institute seminars, provides comprehensive professional development for all parents, educators, and educational institutions for teaching our original and innovative simultaneous multisensory* structured** mathematics to ALL students, K-12.

* simultaneous multisensory means all instruction activates and links all three processing modalities (senses), visual, auditory, and touch/motor, at the same time. Receiving the same information on all three processing modalities maximizes successful processing and development for students of all ages.

** structured means all instruction starts from the most basic, elemental foundation and builds developmentally in an incremental and systematic progression from the concrete to the abstract. The structure also functions to support successful processing and comprehension in which each current learning structure provides the essential connections for the next; and the next learning structure adds only one new element.

A simultaneous multisensory structured methodology for Making Math Real:  Math is a series of interconnected codes – a symbolic shorthand to express what is real.

Making Math Real is the FIRST and ONLY simultaneous multisensory structured methodology to successfully TRANSFER the hands-on experience of concrete mathematics to its specific reconstruction in abstract, symbolic form.

  • The Focus of Making Math Real is the integration of key cognitive developments that directly support executive function and working memory with comprehensive knowledge of mathematics for students of all ages and abilities, LD through gifted.
  • The Design of Making Math Real is to embed this integration within all of its methodologies.
  • The Purpose of Making Math Real is to provide this developmental integration for the full diversity of processing styles across all math content and grades.


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