Solitaired: A Sequencing Game

Good, old Solitaire — the game that took the virtual world by storm when featured on our computers.

It’s much more than your ordinary card game, though. It’s grown to become one of the most used “tools” for passing the time. Not that parents have a lot of “extra” time on their hands!

Since its virtual “birth” in 1990, Microsoft Casual Games received all the credits, and today, we’ll tell you a bit more about Solitaired: A Sequencing Game.

Some Ground Rules

For starters, Solitaire is a one-person game. Here’s a quick recap for those wanting to give it a shot.

In Solitaire online, it’s all about transferring your cards.

After a 52-card deck has been shuffled, you’ll have a tableau with faced-up cards in descending order and alternating colors. Your job is to move these cards to match and represent a color-based descending sequence: black, red, black, red, and so on.

If you can no longer move your cards, three new ones will be selected from the Stock to form the Talon until it runs out. After that, the cards become restocked again.

You can fill it with a King if you have an empty spot.

You’re a winner if you manage to transfer the entire sequence to the Foundations. However, if the Foundation’s incomplete, better luck next time.

Not all Solitaires are winnable, but the dopamine rush is pretty much guaranteed.

If you consider yourself a serious contender, the FreeCell variant has the best winning odds — 99%.

A Break From Reality, Monotony and Laundry

Solitaire is a chill way to spend your precious free time or make your break at work more interesting. It doesn’t advocate violence and doesn’t feature any flashing imagery. All this online card game requires from you is attention and patience.

Easy To Learn The Ropes

Some of you are not fond of playing card games because you believe you don’t have the “luck” factor. Solitaire has nothing to do with luck. Learning the ropes is pretty straightforward, especially when you play it online. You’ll need a few shuffled decks to get the hang of it. Next thing you know, you’ll be counting your wins.

It’s A Classic

You’re used to the virtual version, but did you know that Solitaire goes way back? It originated somewhere around the Baltic region during the 18th century.

Here’s another lesser-known fact for you:

This game was first associated with fortune-telling.

Anyway, it evolved into the fun virtual game that it is today. Solitaired took it a step further by introducing all these different decks:

As a bonus, you get to learn something new while having fun!

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than drinking your cup of coffee and stacking up cards in Solitaire.

The card game has a rich history behind it; learning the ropes is a breeze, and it’s a classic. There’s not a single reason why you wouldn’t want to give it a try, except maybe the crying baby the needs to be feed, the stack of laundry needing attention or, don’t forget, there is nothing in the refrigerator for dinner!