Here are the 2022 Top 5 Nanny Services as voted for by parents in the East Bay:

A Nanny ConnectionBay Super Nannies

Nannies Plus

The Nannies Inc.
Serving the Bay Area
(925) 263-9448

Trusted Nanny Match

The Parents Press Winner in the category of Nanny Services in the East Bay for 2022 is:

A Nanny Connection

Featured 2022 Family Favorite Nanny Services

The Nannies Inc.
Serving the Bay Area
(925) 263-9448

The Nannies inc. is your trusted agency matching your family with a great candidate quickly and diligently. We offer several specialized services that make us stand out.

-We have an App! Families have access to our vetted agency-grade candidates in the palm of their hand for all their on-call, backup and event child care needs.  This App also includes a selected team of nannies in Maui that meet our agency standards for you to have quality care throughout your travels to the island.

-We created a Nanny Language Immersion option as a specialized search. To give the gift of raising a bilingual child and the opportunity to be immersed in the comfort and safety of their own home. The Nannies & More, Inc. is the only agency in the Bay Area offering these unique placement services. We have placed Korean, Italian, Farsi, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), French and Spanish Childcare professionals that have helped families cultivate their culture in creating new generational polyglots.

About the Top 5 Nanny Services in the 2022 Parents Press Readers Choice Poll

The Best of Parents Press was born with the idea to give readers in the Bay Area a chance to voice their opinions on their personal ‘Family Favorite’ choices for Nanny Services and everything kids and family. The program has evolved over the years, and hopefully, with a lot of input from our readers, we’ve been able to make it better and better.

The voting for the East Bay Nanny Services is conducted in a two-round process. The first round occurs in the month of March and early April with open write-in nominations for parent’s favorite Nanny Services taking place. 

As the nomination period for Nanny Services in the first round comes to a close, shortly after, the second round opens with the top nominee Nanny Services being selectable in this final round of voting during the month of April and May. Write-in nominations are no longer available, and voters are open to select their favorite Nanny Services from among those that are listed.

The final winners are posted in the August issue of Parents Press

We hope you enjoy! And we hope you come back to vote next year