Boarding schools are a perfect option for many families, providing a home away from home that allows children to focus on their education as well as extra-curricular activities such as sports or arts. Education may not be the main reason parents choose to send their kids to boarding school. Some want their children to have a religious base to their education. Others find sports academies which allow their child the ability to train and develop athletic skills while providing a strong college prep education. Some parents favor a specific educational philosophy that can only be found in a boarding school setting. Plus, as was experienced with how education has been affected by situations such as Covid-19, boarding schools can create a stability for students and parents.

High-quality and Unique Education Possibilities

With class sizes at most boarding schools averaging around 10-12 students, there is an opportunity to explore more subjects and attend classes not normally offered in conventional schools. Boarding schools may offer exciting travel opportunities to study ecology, history, political science, or art to give students the advantage of seeing and living their studies. Boarding schools have high standards when it comes to selecting teachers. Teachers are expected to create a classroom environment to stimulate discussion and promote student interest.

Strong Connections

Boarding Schools create a strong community of students, staff and teachers. With children socializing with a limited number of children their own age, around the clock, a strong sense of community is developed as well as lifelong friends. Peers encourage each other to try new sports, art, music and awaken interests not available at home. Students build strong connections to their roommates and teachers which builds learning behavior and students’ motivation. These connections often lead to a strong network of motivated people for the rest of their lives.

Build Independence, Discipline and Maturity

Boarding schools teach children to take care of themselves which turns them into an independent individual for life. Students at boarding schools learn to be self-reliant and responsible at an earlier age than conventional students. These students learn to follow and maintain a schedule, how to follow school rules and take responsibility for their actions, as well as, learn to make decisions and be better prepared for making difficult choices as they grow into adults.

Innovative Teaching Techniques

Boarding schools are also known to be quite innovative and to provide students with the latest technologies in order to improve the learning experience. This may translate into boarders’ higher acceptance by leading universities and better job opportunities later on.

Weekends at Home

If not seeing your child for weeks at a time sounds a bit daunting, look for boarding schools which offer a five day a week program to allow for students to spend weekends with their families.  

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